9/25 Discover Arts: VAN GOGH

Presented by Victoria College and The Nave Museum
  • September 25, 6:00 PM

van gogh Discover Arts Series

Tuesday September 25 at 6:00pm

General Admission  $10

A new in-depth look at Van Gogh, through the legacy
of his largest private collector, Helene Kröller- Müller
(1869–1939), who bought nearly 300 of his works in
the early 20th century.
Of Wheat Fields and Clouded Skies, at the Basilica
Palladiana in Vicenza, brings together 40 paintings
and 85 drawings from the Kröller-Müller Museum in
Otterlo, the Netherlands, now home to Helene
Kröller-Müller’s heritage.
Through quotations from his brother Theo’s letters
comes the tormented, existential parable of Van
Gogh’s art and genius, coupled with images of the
places where he lived and stayed, from Paris to

Runtime: 90 minutes