2/17 Theatre Victoria Presents PWYC Girls Weekend

Theatre Victoria
  • February 17, 2:00 PM
  • Location: Victoria, TX, United States
  • Address: 214 N. Main St

Theatre Victoria invites you to a special Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC) performance of Karen Schaffer’s hilarious play, Girls’ Weekend! Gather your besties on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at 2 pm and experience the magic of live theatre without breaking the bank.

Why PWYC? We believe theatre should be accessible to everyone. PWYC removes financial barriers, welcoming new audiences and fostering a diverse, vibrant community. Plus, it allows you to contribute at your own comfort level, supporting our continued production of high-quality shows. Every dollar fuels the magic!

Effortless Experience: Skip advance purchases and enjoy the freedom of general admission. Friendly ushers greet you with programs, and you’re free to find the perfect seat amidst the plush comfort of our theatre.

Seamless Support: Supporting Theatre Victoria is easy. Donation boxes at each entrance await your voluntary contribution. Every bit counts, keeping the curtain up on future productions.

Gather your loved ones, embrace the freedom of PWYC, and let Theatre Victoria weave its spell. See you there!

In this lightning-quick farce, four women travel to Dot’s Northwoods cabin for a "Girls Only" weekend.  Carol, who is monitoring her temperature for the best “window of opportunity” to get pregnant, calls her husband to drive back up to the cabin and hides him in the shed to wait for her special porch light signal when the coast is clear.  Meg, recently widowed, is having a secret affair with Dot’s son, only to find he has shown up at the cabin unexpectedly and wants to further their relationship in stealth.  Meg sends him to the boathouse to wait for her special porch light signal.  Ellie, the youngest and Meg’s daughter, would rather not spend the weekend with her “elders” and meets a young townie, who she sends to hide in the barn, to wait for her special porch light signal.  The only obstacle to the entire weekend is Dot, who wants to stay up all night and party with the girls.  So, they make sure they supply her with plenty of party favors, and Dot proceeds to pass out.  The ladies move Dot’s lifeless body from floor to closet to room, as the bottles tip up, the secrets spill out and the men sneak in.  The madcap, door-slamming chaos comes to a head when Dot wakes up and discovers her girls only weekend is full of Men!